Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services at SCCH provides healthy, delicious meals to patients, their families, and the public. Our registered dietitian also provides inpatient nutrition counseling.


Even though Nutritional Services is known for their delicious meals and flavorful (free!) coffee, they also play other vital roles.

Nutrition Counseling

Our registered dietitians provide nutrition counseling for inpatients and their families regarding how appropriate, tailored diet plans can positively impact diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, and weight management.

Additionally, in conjunction with SCCH Education, our dietitians conduct free diabetic education classes which are open to the public.

Nutrition Services: (812) 268-4311, ext. 2222
Dietitian: (812) 268-4311, ext. 2220

Meals on Wheels

Our Nutritional Services staff members also lead our Meals on Wheels program which delivers meals to residents of the city of Sullivan seven days a week. These meals can include therapeutic menu items, such as, diabetic-specific, calorie-controlled, or low-sodium options.

If you live within Sullivan city limits and could benefit from the Meals on Wheels program, please contact 812-268-4311 ext. 2222 for more information.

Interested in volunteering to prepare or deliver meals for Meals on Wheels?

Frequently Asked Questions

If my friend or family member is in the hospital, can I eat in the cafeteria?

Yes. Our cafeteria offers a selection of entrees, salads, and desserts each day which are available to the public.

Do you accept credit or debit cards as payment?


Do you have takeout containers?

 Yes. We keep a limited number of takeout containers in stock.

Do you have free coffee?

Yes! The coffee in our cafeteria is free to patients and visitors.