Fitness Membership Application

Are you currently taking prescribed medications for a chronic medical condition

Do you have any mental health issues or learning difficulties that may impact your fitness goals or abilities?

Do you have Arthritis, Osteoporosis, or back problems?

Do you have high blood pressure?

Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition?

Do you feel pain in your chest at rest during daily activity or during physical activity?

Do you lose balance because of dizziness or have you lost consciousness in the past 12 months?

Have you ever been diagnosed with another chronic medical condition (other than heart disease or high blood pressure)?

Do you currently have a bone, joint, or soft tissue problem that may be made worse with exercise?

Has your doctor ever said that you should only do medical-supervised activity?

Do you have respiratory disease? (This includes COPD, asthma, and pulmonary hypertension)

Do you have a spinal cord injury? (This includes tetraplegia and Paraplegia)

Have you had a stroke?

Do you currently have cancer?

Do you have any metabolic conditions? (This includes Type I, Type II, or pre-diabetes)