Donation Guidelines

Policy Statement

Sullivan County Community Hospital (SCCH) recognizes it must balance its role as a good steward of its financial resources and its role as an important partner to the community it serves. To help guide in that effort, this policy offers guidelines and parameters to aid in responding to the many requests for charitable donations, event sponsorships and in-kind requests received by Marketing and SCCH staff and administration.

Charitable Donations
Charitable donations represent support given to a group or organization without the anticipation of benefit to SCCH in return. As an important partner to the community, SCCH recognizes that there are unmet needs that we as an employer can assist in supporting through financial donations.

Requests for donations will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  • The donation meets SCCH’s Sponsorship Guidelines and Approval Process.
  • The donation meets current funding capabilities.
  • The donation supports SCCH’s Mission and strategic initiatives.
  • Priority will be given to requests by organizations that provide services in SCCH’s service area within Sullivan, Greene, Knox and Vigo counties.
  • Priority will be given to requests that support wellness, the disadvantaged, and overall community health initiatives. SCCH reserves the right to deny any request, at its sole discretion. Funding in prior years does not guarantee continued funding in any subsequent year.

SCCH will not provide charitable donations in the following instances:

  • Requests from commercial, for-profit businesses.
  • Requests from organizations that are engaged in political or governmental activities.
  • Requests from individuals or employees, particularly if they are already receiving funding or support in another form from SCCH.
  • Requests from organizations or programs that are inconsistent with SCCH’s Mission or Values or that would be deemed a conflict of interest.